Diagnostic Services

Indian Springs Animal Clinic is pleased to offer state-of-the-art diagnostic blood testing analyzers in our practice. Our doctors have the ability to run blood work to determine organ function, complete blood counts (CBC), and electrolyte levels in minutes, meaning treatment can begin immediately if needed. We also have same day service available through a trusted outside lab when further testing is necessary.

If your pet is facing a procedure requiring anesthesia, our doctors always recommend running blood work prior to the event. Pets can often have underlying issues that cannot be determined by a physical exam, which can be uncovered by a blood analysis. In the event your pet has an issue, our doctors can treat your pet until they are well enough to undergo the procedure.

As pets age, routine blood work becomes more important as well. As stated above, not all animal health issues can be determined by a physical exam alone. Regular blood testing can help discover many illnesses in early phases, making them easier to treat.

If your pet is facing a surgical procedure or getting a little older, bring them to the compassionate team at Indian Springs. Our doctors have had many years of diagnosing problems in pets using blood work, and they can bring this experience to your pet as well.