Heartworm Testing

According to the American Heartworm Society, the Pelham area has a large number of dogs that are heartworm positive. Our area has a large number of mosquitoes, which transmit immature heartworms to dogs and cats as well. Yearly testing for heartworms is recommended by the American Heartworm society, and your furry friend can be tested right here at Indian Springs Animal Clinic.

Our doctor will take a small blood sample and run the heartworm test during your office visit. Within minutes he can determine if your pet is heartworm free, or if treatment is needed.

Heartworm disease is easily preventable in both dogs and cats with products available at our hospital, and the cost of heartworm prevention is always less than treatment. If you are unsure about the heartworm status of your dog or cat, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kozakiewicz today.