Pain Management

One of the most difficult aspects of treating animals is pain management. Animals by nature do not let others know they are hurting due to their predator/prey instincts. Some signs of pain include lack of appetite, lethargy, mild whimpering and in some cases extreme aggressiveness. At Indian Springs Animal Clinic our staff is well versed in recognizing these signs and know the appropriate way to treat the pain. Pain in most cases can be categorized in two ways: acute and chronic.

Acute pain is pain due to injury, trauma, swallowed foreign object and surgery. This pain is treated with a higher dose, but shorter duration of pain medications. Once your pet is well on their way to being fully healed, then pain medication will be scaled back to a mild level until your pet is completely weaned off medication.

Chronic pain is pain that is persistent over time, such as arthritis, degenerative joint disease, cancer, diabetes, etc. Pain medication for this is a lower dose, but given out for a longer time than medicine meant for acute pain. There are also other practices our doctor uses for pain management such as laser therapy and rehabilitation exercises.